David Cohen Photo DC

Washington, D.C.


Vitality, creativity, thoughtfulness, strength: A great portrait shows you and your loved ones at your best. Whether you love a camera or are camera-shy, creating a great portrait requires a partnership. My approach encourages a sense of play, adventure, and fun. You tell me what you would like and how you will use the portrait – and then we work together toward your goal.

Formal portraits for your work or home. Profile pictures for social media, dating sites, and the Internet. Headshots for actors. Romantic couples. You and your loved ones…including pets! My services include:

    • Discussing your goals for your portraits;
    • Helping you prepare for our photo session;
    • Guiding you through the session;
    • Taking the photos;
    • Editing the images to offer you an array of choices; and
    • Providing electronic files or the printed format you choose.

What People Say

These are stunning. A couple of them
actually took my breath away.
These photos are excellent!
They really capture many of
the guests and family members.
Jane and I both had fun at the shoot,
and the pictures look really great!
The family interaction you caught…..amazing.
The photos are great, thank you for them.
And you clearly are such a good photographer,
because you, beside knowing the technical side
very well, are able to create a very friendly
atmosphere. I felt very well there in your studio!
The photos are lovely. They remind me,
what a nice time we had when we made them.
You’re clearly the best photographer that has
ever photographed me! Really. And it was
never so much fun before.
The photos arrived in good order.
They look wonderful. Thanks.
It was a pleasure working with you.
I posted a few portraits from the photo
shoot you did on Facebook. I don’t think any
of my prior postings has received anything
close to the number of ‘likes’ as this one.
From a Broadway agent for an actor:
“It’s a great photo. We will use this to submit
him from now on, and will credit you
if used in program and online.”
You’ve managed to work
some real magic here.
You are an amazing photographer.
Thanks sooooo very much for these,
best pix we ever took, thanks to you!!!